Mayor Lightfoot Won’t Like This: Look What the Chicago Police Union Just Did


    Over the last six months or so, our country has seen its fair share of chaos, first with the introduction of the novel coronavirus pandemic and then with the unrest that has taken place since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Added to all that is the fact that it is an election year, and an important one at that, which means every minute detail of everything is being politicized like crazy. Quite naturally, as the political left has done with consistency over the last four years, everything terrible has been blamed on President Donald Trump.

    When COVID was realized, and the first few cases were acknowledged, it was Trump’s fault for letting them in. When Floyd died while in police custody, it was Trump who created the racist atmosphere that allowed such a tragedy. And since then, it has been his fault that riots and protests continue in cities across the United States, without any sign of stopping soon.

    But how can one man cause such destruction and chaos? Isn’t it far more likely that leaders of the places where this chaos takes place are to blame?

    I mean, look at the cities where riots and protests happen the most often, where death and destruction are found anew every morning. What do they have in common?

    Well, for starters, they are all Democratically led. Cities like Portland, Oregon; Chicago, Illinois; or New York City are all governed by not only Democratic mayors but liberal governors as well.

    And none of these leaders seem all that interested in quelling the violence.

    Take Portland, for example. Protests of some fashion or another have literally gone on every day for about 100 days straight now, with riots being declared about every other night. Now, you’d think with this much chaos going on, the mayor would be trying everything possible to make it all stop.

    But he isn’t. Instead, Mayor Ted Wheeler has actually joined in on the protests. And when the crowds mocked him for doing so, he blamed Trump.

    Trump, on the other hand, has made it pretty clear that he doesn’t agree with all the rioting and property destruction in the least. As a “law and order” president, he has even offered to send the National Guard to any city that wants help in stemming the chaos.

    It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Portland refused such help as did Chicago, at least initially.

    As quite the liberal mayor, Chicago’s Lori Lightfoot made her disgust for Trump and his “help” very public. She blamed him for police brutality and racism. And she vowed to defund the police as a result.

    But when the violence in the city proved to be too much for her to handle, with some 256+ killed in the streets so far this year, including several children, she had no choice but to accept Trump’s assistance, at least partially. And since then, the violence has gone down some.

    However, she still isn’t willing to accept that he had much to do with it. Instead, she is still pointing fingers.

    Take this Twitter post that she wrote about Trump on September 3.

    “If (Donald Trump) wanted ‘law and order,’ he’d start with the White House. 1,000 people die daily from his failure on the pandemic. Instead of taking ownership, he chooses to play politics with lives.”

    Oh, like she’s taken ownership of the hundreds who have died on her streets as of late because she has failed to do anything about it?

    We all know she hasn’t done a damn thing to stop anything but police in her city.

    No wonder the Chicago Police Union has opted to endorse President Trump for another four years.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, “the Chicago police union’s board of directors convened… and voted unanimously to endorse Trump’s bid for a second term.”

    No doubt, Lightfoot won’t be happy with this news… Then again, according to Chicago’s Fraternity of Police chapter president John Catanzara, who has also endorsed the President, that’s nearly the point. Sure, the groups want to support Trump, as he is clearly supporting them, but they are also “happy to antagonize” Mayor Lightfoot and let her know that no one really appreciates her leadership.

    If I were a betting girl, I’d say Lightfoot might find herself out of a job come next year.


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