Disgraceful! Associated Press Blames France Beheading Victims for Their Own Murder


    Just last week, a horrific tragedy took place in the nation of France. Worshippers at the Basilica of Notre-Dame de L’Assomption in Nice, France were attacked by a maniac who was wielding a knife. The Tunisian immigrant responsible for the attack claimed multiple lives. The attacker was also yelling “Allahu Akbar!” at the time.

    Of course, people are still going to claim that they have no idea why the attacks took place. It doesn’t matter how clear of a picture is being painted for them. The Associated Press decided that they couldn’t get to the bottom of this amazing mystery. That’s why they elected to write their own alternative history for the attacks.

    People are never going to trust the mainstream media when they are constantly deciding to write their own stories like this. Instead of acknowledging the facts that are being presented to them, these folks would much rather spend their time on nonsense. The story reads like a parody of sorts but this is not The Onion.

    The Associated Press is considered to be one of the most unbiased news sources in all of the land. If they are not going to be willing to tell the truth anymore, who else is even left? Before you read the article, we would like to take this time to warn you. You are going to be dying of laughter in no time at all (and you may also feel a bit of rage).

    “Its brutal colonial past, staunch secular policies, and tough-talking president who is seen as insensitive toward the Muslim faith all play a role. As France steps up security and mourns three people killed in a knife attack at a church on Thursday – the latest of many attributed to Islamic extremists in recent years — here’s a look at some of the reasons the country is under fire,” said the Associated Press.

    That’s right. They are actually blaming the people who were attacked for what took place here. These innocent citizens were brutally murdered in a church but the AP has found a way to make it their problem. If they didn’t want to be killed, they should not have gone to church. We don’t mean to make light of this tragedy but that’s precisely what the AP has decided to do here.

    Even Twitter, a notorious bastion for leftist insanity, could not endure the tweet. The Associated Press was forced to delete the tweet because the snarky quotes were coming in so quickly. In case you are not looking to waste your time by reading this gibberish, it’s pretty simple. Freedom of speech plus a secular society equals an insensitivity to Muslims that allows for maximum retaliation.

    This is not our editorial reading of the piece, either. It’s all outlined for anyone who wants a good laugh. In the real world, there is a rising tide of barbarism that France has found itself on the front lines of. All of western civilization will be there soon if they are not already. France is already enduring an everlasting battle against a clumsy, brutish government that tries to stamp out French culture.

    We obviously don’t have to explain all of the American parallels that are at play here. France even fights its own futile battle against the wave of Muslim North African immigrants who are allowed to settle there, without ever taking the time to properly assimilate. The resistance has begun for the French, as the nation finds itself under siege from within.

    It must make some Americans feel a bit better to see that they are not alone in the ongoing culture wars. The French and their proud people are under a very similar attack at the moment. There is a way to put a stop to all of this and there is just one question now. Will the French have the guts to take that all-important next step? Only time will tell.


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