Collusion? Chairman of Problematic Dominion Voting Machines Now Part of Biden’s Transition Team


    Peter Neffenger is a former Commander of the Coast Guard Commander and he also served as the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration. He started in these roles in July 2015 and served until January 20, 2017. What’s he doing nowadays? Why we are glad that you asked.

    He’s now the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Smartmatic. This multinational company is responsible for the construction and implementation of our electronic voting systems. Now, he will be a part of the Joe Biden transition team. All of this has already been very well documented and you can find out more on Wikipedia.

    Meanwhile, Trump attorney Sidney Powell says that they have a mountain of evidence coming in. “We’ve got so much evidence, I feel like it’s coming in through a firehose,” Powell says. It’s only a matter of time now. Powell believes that she has more than enough evidence to launch a huge investigation.

    That should be enough for Trump to keep the fight alive. Some are saying that he needs to be conceding but we are not in agreement. With so much evidence still coming to light, how can anyone expect him to turn tail and run away now? There’s no way to ignore the direct tie that this man has to the Biden team but the mainstream media will try their best to do so anyway.

    The willingness to bury their heads in the sand is what gets us. It would be one thing if the Democrats were actually willing to engage with what is being said right now. Near as we can tell, their strategy is a simple one. They want everyone to ignore what they are being told and they hope that all of this goes away as soon as possible.

    Biden and Harris are essentially rubbing everyone’s noses in it with this connection. It’s a little too convenient that they are now aligning themselves with someone who is probably working to cheat the American people of a fair election. That’s what happens when the mainstream media is no longer ready to call attention to these types of things. They fly totally under the radar as a result.

    The level of pompousness on display here is truly flabbergasting. Biden and his ilk are already making all sorts of plans for their new far-left policies but the election isn’t officially over yet. As long as the current president has a breath in his body, we are sure that this fight will only continue to rage on. Biden is not going to get away with this as easily as he might have hoped.

    The American people are currently being betrayed and the Trump legal team is the last line of defense. If Trump is unable to convince the legal systems that govern this country about the clear malfeasance that is going on, we don’t know what happens next. All we can say is that we would not expect Trump to be the one who goes quietly into the night.

    If he is removed from the White House, all he is going to do is spend the next four years raining down pain on anyone who crosses his path. The liberals who did not want to see him having rallies before are certainly not about to get a reprieve now. Let’s say that the election really is ripped away from him under circumstances that are less than fair.

    What’s his motivation to remain silent about all of the secrets about our nation that he has undoubtedly acquired over the past few years? The people who stand to be humiliated the most by these revelations are the ones who are working against him. The Democrats may want to stop this type of behavior before it bites them in you know where. Knowing them? They are already throwing their victory parties and acting like they have nothing to worry about.


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